M2 Robotic Arm

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CHASING Robot Arm is small and easy to install. The maximum drag force is 12 kg and the force is adjustable. It is suitable for multiple uses such as sampling detection.


3kg Clamping Force, 12kg Drag Force

With maximum 3kg clamping force and 12kg drag force, the robot arm can easily complete underwater operations. Adjust different forces on the App to avoid damage to the clamped items.


Smooth Experience and Powerful Functions

With a 120mm opening and closing distance and a 1.5-second single opening and closing time, the robot arm operates smoothly and can grab a variety of items.


Aluminum Alloy Material, Compact Size

Aluminum alloy material, using 4-core watertight connector of underwater drone, length 460mm, diameter 33.5mm, compact and portable.